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A Dictionary of the English Language was a book written by Samuel Johnson in 1775.


  • The dictionary contained every English word at the time, except for sausage and aardvark.
    • Known words in the dictionary: bloomers, bottom, burp, fart, fiddle, and fornicate.
    • Other ones (said by Edmund) include: contrafibularities, anaspeptic, phrasmotic, pericombobulation, interfrastically, pendigestartery, interludicule, velocitous, extramuralisation, though the last 5 were never truly written in.
  • It took Dr. Johnson "eighteen hours of every day for the last ten years".
    • During the book's writing, Johnson's mother died, his father cut of his head and fried it in garlic, and his wife brought armies of lovers so that they could make a huge family of bastards.
    • The book was later burned by Baldrick.

"Alternate Version"[]

After the supposed burning of the original, Edmund, Baldrick, and George. Attempted to rewrite the dictionary in one day.



  • A "impersonal pronoun; doesn't really mean anything" (Edmund and George)
  • Aardvark "medium-sized insectivore with protruding nasal implement" (Edmund)
  • Ab "a buzzing thing" (Baldrick)


  • Belching *belching sound* (George)


  • C "big wobbly thing that mermaids live in" (Baldrick)


  • Dog "not a cat" (Baldrick)


  • Fire "hot orangy thing under the stony mantlepiece" (Baldrick, not written)