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Amy Hardwood
Nationality English
Occupation Bride-to-be to Prince George, highwayman
First appearance "Amy and Amiability"
Last appearance "Amy and Amiability"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Miranda Richardson

Amy Hardwood appeared in the third series episode "Amy and Amiability", and was played by Miranda Richardson.

Amy was chosen by Mr. E. Blackadder to be the bride of his master, the Prince Regent, due to his belief that her father, a moronic industrialist with a Northern accent, was extremely rich. However, upon the discovery that Mr. Hardwood wished his daughter to marry the Prince for his money, Blackadder called it off, realising the Hardwoods were impoverished.

Amy, with a strange foreign accent, appeared to be an extremely soppy and child-like person, somewhat like Queenie, though without the ruthlessness. When first introduced, a doll can be seen in her hands. Like Queenie she was proud of her nose, believing it to be "so wee I sometimes think the pixies must have given it to me".

It transpired that this was a front, and she was, in fact, the highly ruthless and practical (although squirrel-phobic) highwayman, the Shadow, as well as a master of vocal impersonations. She is also a very good shot, as every time she fired into the air it was followed by a squeal and a thud, indicating that a squirrel has been shot. Blackadder learned this after taking up highway robbery himself, and believing she was attracted to him as a fellow criminal. However, their plan to rob the Prince of everything he had, then go to Barbados, was modified by Amy who revealed that she intended to kill Blackadder and go to Barbados on her own. However, Baldrick cut Blackadder loose before Amy returned; the two went off to bring back soldiers to arrest her and to receive the reward for the Shadow's capture. The Prince later read in the paper, to his dismay, that Amy was hanged, without anyone learning of Blackadder's involvement.