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Arthur the Sailor
Nationality British
Occupation Sailor
First appearance "Money"
Last appearance "Money"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by John Pierce Jones

Arthur the Sailor is a sailor who solicits Baldrick when Lord Blackadder needs money.

Arthur approaches Baldrick one night, offering him a penny for a kiss. When Lord Blackadder objects, Arthur raises his offer to two pence. He also asks Baldrick to recite what Arthur's mom had told him as a child, much to the irritation of Lord Blackadder (who notes that Baldrick is a prostitute, not an agony aunt). However, when Baldrick fails to remember the words, Lord Blackadder takes over; kisses Arthur and recites the words of Arthur's late mother, which includes a story. After Lord Blackadder finishes, Arthur asks him how much Blackadder charges for a good, hard shag. Blackadder demands a thousand pounds, which Arthur takes as a joke. In the end, Arthur gets to shag Baldrick for six pence.