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The Battle of Bosworth Field (August 31, 1485) was a battle between the army of King Richard III and the forces of Henry Tudor. It resulted in the death of the King and the ascension of King Richard IV.


Fighting alongside the King were many of his closest family, including his nephew, Richard, Duke of York and Richard's son, Harry. Richard's other son, Edmund also appeared alongside his servant Baldrick and his friend, Lord Percy.

On the side of Henry Tudor were many noblemen.

Known Participants[]



The action of the battle[]

Things went well for the King and he easily routed the Tudor forces, despite losing his horse in the process. Things turned tragic, however, when Edmund (who had left the field to answer the call of nature) came upon a nobleman he believed was stealing his horse. Edmund beheaded the apparent thief, only to be horrified to learn he had, in fact, killed the King.

Attempting to find safety, Edmund came upon a terribly wounded Henry Tudor and, not recognizing him, brought him to the castle to heal. Following the ascension of Richard IV, Henry Tudor managed to escape the castle, to cause more trouble another day.


After the disastrous "Black Seal" uprising, Henry Tudor was able to seize power as King Henry VII. Through his rewriting of history, Henry VII was able to make generations believe that it was he, not Richard III, who won the Battle of Bosworth Field. It is this twisted version of history that is taught in schools to this day.