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Orphan Master

Episode Count

1 special



Portrayed By

Denis Lill

Beadle is an orphan master (played by Denis Lill). He and his enormous orphans (David Barber, Erkan Mustafa and David Nunn) appear in the Christmas special Blackadder's Christmas Carol.

Despite claiming to be poor, all three of the orphans are actually morbidly obese. They are, in fact, so fat that they must push and shove each other in order to all fit into a room, with Blackadder remarking that he is always afraid of "bursting one of them and getting showered in two dozen semi-digested pies."

They arrive early on to visit, and ask him for some nuts (with Beadle having to physically restrain the orphans from helping themselves). They arrive later on, after Blackadder's epiphany, to present Blackadder with a small Christmas pudding and sing to him. Blackadder, however, now no longer has time or his former kindness, and promptly slams the door in their face, after taking the pudding.