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Brigadier Sir Bernard Proudfoot Smith
Brigadier Smith
Nationality English
Occupation Brigadier in the British Army, Spy
First appearance "General Hospital"
Last appearance "General Hospital"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Bill Wallis

Brigadier Sir Bernard Proudfoot Smith is a patient with thick German accent at the hospital in the fourth series episode "General Hospital". Captain Darling thinks he is the German spy, but he is revealed at the end of the episode to be the finest spy in British Army, who picked up "a teensy-veensy bit" of an accent while working undercover in Germany.

At one point, during their stay in the hospital, Lieutenant George asks Smith if he knows any suspicious characters who might be German spies. Smith answers "Nein" and an astonished George misinterprets it as nine suspects, speculating that Blackadder has "got his work cut out for him". Even before learning that Smith was a British spy, Blackadder had dismissed him as a suspect in his own search for a German spy on the grounds that Smith's accent made him too obvious for even the Germans to try and use him as an agent.