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Captain Redbeard Rum
Nationality English
Occupation Captain
First appearance "Potato"
Last appearance "Potato"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Tom Baker

Captain Redbeard Rum, portrayed by Tom Baker. A deranged seafarer who claims to have had his legs "sliced clean off by a falling sail, and swept into the sea before [my] very eyes" and possesses "a beard you could lose a badger in".


Rum is quite possibly the worst mariner in history, given that he doesn't seem to feel a crew is required to sail an Elizabethan galleon and doesn't know the way from Tilbury to France let alone the Cape of Good Hope.

Rum is the sole captain with, according to Sir Walter Raleigh, few enough marbles to aid Lord Blackadder in his trip around the Cape of Good Hope, and hence captain Blackadder's voyage of discovery - a trip that was intended to be little more than to France and back, but somehow ends up in Australia.

Unlike the average seafarer, Rum actually seems to prefer drinking his own urine to water. Percy notes that Rum began doing so before the water ran out...

Rum proposed to Nursie before Blackadder's remarkably successful trip of discovery to Australia, and she accepted. However, due to Rum ending up as a "third-rate sailor, but a first-rate second course" for some hungry natives, Nursie was left only with his beard as a memento - which she wore in remembrance of him.