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Centurion Blaccadicus
Centurion Blackadder
Nationality Roman
Occupation Centurion
First appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Last appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Rowan Atkinson

Centurion Blaccadicus is a distant ancestor of Lord Edmund Blackadder V from the Roman era.


Centurion Blaccadius is stationed on Hadrian's wall ready to attack the advancing Scots. When General Melchius comes along the wall on chariot to tell everyone that after the battle they will be pulled back to Rome to defend the Imperial City. It appears that he is bilingual as he understands General Melchius when he speaks Latin.

It is unknown what happened to Blaccadius as Edmund and Baldrick ran back to the time machine to escape from the Scots.