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Charles Chaplin
Nationality English
Occupation Actor
First appearance N/A
Last appearance N/A
Episode count 0
Played by N/A

Charlie Chaplin (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977) was a film star in the early 20th century or, as Captain Edmund Blackadder put it, "has found a way to be paid a million a year, to wear a pair of stupid trousers". When Private Baldrick attempted to do a Charlie Chaplin impression, Captain Blackadder sent the real Chaplin a telegram, informing Chaplin that he had found the only person less funny than him and asked Chaplin to "please, please, STOP".

When the United States joined the war, Chaplin arranged to send with the soldiers, the largest collection of his films in the world. Chaplin also sent a telegram to Blackadder's superiors, instructing them on the conditions for showing his films. Captain Blackadder was to be the projectionist, every night, and they were never to let him stop.