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Dougal MacAngus
Blackadder dougal mcangus
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Duke of Argyll, Supreme Commander of the King's Army
First appearance "Born to be King"
Last appearance "Born to be King"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Alex Norton

Dougal MacAngus, 4th Duke of Argyll is a character in the first series of the British sitcom Blackadder. The character was played by Alex Norton.


The character appears in the episode "Born to be King". He is Supreme Commander of the King's Army and the Fourth Duke of Argyll. Upon his return from a crusade against the Turks, he is rewarded for his bravery with Prince Edmund's Scottish lands. Enraged, Edmund schemes to have him stabbed on stage during the entertainment.

He changes his mind about the assassination attempt after MacAngus shows him documents that MacAngus at first suggests show Edmund's brother, Harry, is illegitimate; he claims his father, Donald, the 3rd Duke, had a liaison with Queen Gertrude of Flanders nine months before Harry's birth. Unfortunately for Edmund, the documents prove the Queen's adultery took place nine months before Edmund's birth, not Harry's, showing that MacAngus knew all along that he was Edmund's possible half-brother and intended to humiliate him but in the unaired episode that this episode was loosely based on, MacAngus was just as surprised as Edmund when he found out that it was Edmund and not Harry who was conceived through his mother's affairs. Edmund destroys the evidence and persuades MacAngus to inspect a cannon, which then "accidentally" fires.


MacAngus appears to be an exceptional swordsman who essentially takes up arms with a Scottish broadsword. He is a capable warrior and is able to survive the Crusades from beginning to end.