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Freddie Frobisher
Freddie Frobisher
Nationality English
Occupation Monk
First appearance "Beer"
Last appearance "Beer"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by William Hootkins

Freddie Frobisher, also known as the flatulent hermit of Lindisfarne, was a drinking companion of Lord Edmund Blackadder. He was invited to Lord Blackadder's "piss-up" as a means of Blackadder proving to Lord Melchett that he could handle his alcohol.

Frobisher stormed into the room where Lord Blackadder was entertaining his aunt and uncle, the Lord and Lady Whiteadder, screaming "great booze-up, Edmund!", forcing Blackadder to explain away the incident as his "missionary" informing him that the visiting chief of a famous tribe had awakened by saying "Great Boo's up".


  • In the credits, the character's listed simply as "Monk".