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Gertrude "The Witch Queen" of Flanders
Blackadder queen gertrude of flanders
Nationality Flemish
Occupation Queen Regnant of Flanders; Queen Consort of England
First appearance "The Foretelling"
Last appearance "The Black Seal"
Episode count 6 Episodes
Played by Elspet Gray

Gertrude of Flanders is a main character in the first series of Blackadder. She is the mother of Harry, Prince of Wales and Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh and wife of Richard IV. Shortly after Harry's birth she had a brief affair with Donald MacAngus, third Duke of Argyll, possibly causing Edmund's birth.


In attitude, Gertrude mainly seems to be rather distant and absent-minded. She once had an affair with the father of Dougal MacAngus, which may have resulted in Edmund's birth. Even Gertrude doesn't seem entirely sure who his father was.

She appears mainly to give Edmund unwanted advice and embarrass him. In the first episode, "The Foretelling", when Edmund asks her not to tell anybody he overslept and missed part of the battle of Bosworth Field, she reveals her husband has small private parts, and Harry is afraid of spoons. In 'The Archbishop' she reveals she smacked Edmund's bottom last week. In the episode "Witchsmeller Pursuivant", it is revealed that she is in fact a kind-hearted witch and uses her secret powers of witchcraft to save Edmund from being burned at the stake.

When Edmund pleaded with her to use whatever power she had to save him, she claimed that she had not had any power for years but her magic is resurfaced in order to save Edmund. When her 11-year-old daughter-in-law Leia is about to tell the King that Edmund is going to die, Gertrude silences her and assures her husband that she has "sorted it all out". She then breaks the fourth wall by winking at the audience and a sparkle of stars fly from her eyes.

She dies in the final episode, "The Black Seal", along with the rest of the royal family, by accidentally drinking poisoned wine.