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Henry Tudor
Nationality English
Occupation King of England
First appearance "The Foretelling"
Last appearance "The Foretelling"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Peter Benson

Henry Tudor (played by Peter Benson) is a character appearing in the first episode of the the first series of Blackadder.

He begs to be sheltered in exchange for his land and money, but while Edmund and Baldrick leave, Percy accepts. Unknown to Edmund, Baldrick and Percy, they are harbouring their families' worst enemy. It is only when Edmund sees a portrait of Henry Tudor at a family banquet that he realize what he has done. Whilst Edmund admits to his mother that he is the murderer of King Richard III, Henry Tudor escapes. After the Royal family dies, Henry comes and claims the throne as Henry VII. He later became the father of Henry VIII and through him the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I.