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Hugh Laurie
Born June 11th 1959
First appearance "Beer"
Last appearance Blackadder: Back and Forth
Series Blackadder II
Blackadder the Third
Blackadder Goes Forth
Episode count 14 Episodes + 2 Specials

James Hugh Calum Laurie, CBE (born 11 June 1959) better known as Hugh Laurie, is an English actor, voice artist, comedian, writer, musician, recording artist, and director.

He first became well known in the media as one half of the Fry and Laurie double act, along with his friend and comedy partner Stephen Fry, whom he joined in the cast of Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster from 1987 until 1999.

From 2004 to 2012, Laurie played Dr Gregory House, the protagonist of House, for which he received two Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild awards and several Emmy nominations.

Biography (Blackadder)[]

Laurie made his debut appearance in the Blackadder II episode, "Beer", playing drunk aristocrat Simon Patridge before returning in the Season finale, "Chains" as German spy/master of disguise Prince Ludwig the Indestructible. After Tim McInnerny quit the series for fear of being typecast, Laurie joined the show on a permanent basis and became a member of the main cast, starring in Blackadder the Third as Prince George before returning again in Blackadder Goes Fourth, this time playing the Prince's descendant, Lieutenant George.

During his tenure on Blackadder, Laurie often guest-starred alongside his good friend and fellow comedy partner, Stephen Fry with the two forming the comedy duo, "Fry and Laurie" with both men working on various projects in the 1980s and 1990s.

After Blackadder, Laurie had small guest-starring roles on various British dramas including the TV series Jeeves and Wooster, before gaining international fame in 2004 for his role as Dr. Gregory House in the American medical drama, House M.D.

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