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Keanrick and Mossop
Nationality English
Occupation Actors
First appearance "Sense and Senility"
Last appearance "Sense and Senility"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Hugh Paddick & Kenneth Connor

David Keanrick and Enoch Mossop (Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Connor) are two actors who run a local theatre that Prince George frequents. Despite their flamboyant, over the top, and unconvincing style of acting, George loves their performances, although he can never tell that they aren't real. His butler, Mr. E. Blackadder is not as interested in their performances.

Against Blackadder's advice, Prince George decides to hire the two actors to give him elocution lessons for an upcoming speech. Blackadder takes an instant dislike to them, because of their pompousness and constant mockery of his lower social status, and takes great delight in exploiting their belief that the real name of The Scottish Play is bad luck. However, due to their encouragement, the Prince begins insulting his butler for his social status as well, leading Blackadder to quit his job.

After an excruciating dinner with the Prince, they decide to rehearse a play they are writing, entitled "The Bloody Murder of the Foul Prince Romero and His Enormous-Bosomed Wife," which consists mostly of very gory Shakespearean-style dialogue. However, Baldrick overhears them and, believing it to be a plot to kill the Prince, runs to warn him. Blackadder (who had decided to take Baldrick up on a bet that the Prince "wouldn't last five minutes here without me"), goes and investigates. Upon being insulted further, he lies and says that they are traitors, and they are promptly "arrested, brutally tortured and executed forthwith."