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King Charles I
King Charles I
Nationality British
Occupation King of England
First appearance The Cavalier Years
Last appearance The Cavalier Years
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Stephen Fry

King Charles I (played by Stephen Fry) is the King of England in The Cavalier Years.

He hides out in Sir Edmund Blackadder's house and a blackberry bush whilst Oliver Cromwell is looking for him. Baldrick lets slip that he is hiding there and the king is sent to the Tower of London. Baldrick hatches a plan of using a pumpkin with facial features drawn on to replace the King's head when Blackadder has to execute him. As it is the only plan that they have they go with it, and just like Blackadder says would happen, when he cuts the King's 'head' off and raises it everyone shouts 'that's not his head, it's a large pumpkin!'. Forcing Blackadder to execute the king for real.