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King George III
Nationality German/English
Occupation King of England
First appearance "Duel and Duality"
Last appearance "Duel and Duality"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Gertan Klauber

King George III is a character in Blackadder the Third, played by Gertan Klauber. He is based on the historical King George III of the United Kingdom, nicknamed 'The Mad King.' He is referenced throughout Blackadder the Third, with jokes frequently made regarding his German background and his insanity.

The King makes only one physical appearance. In the final episode, "Duel and Duality", King George approaches after a duel between Blackadder posing as the Prince Regent, and the Duke of Wellington. Due to insanity, the King does not realize Blackadder is not his son, and unwittingly adopts Blackadder as the new Prince Regent.

Historical inaccuracies[]

  • Although King George III's dynasty, the House of Hanover, had German roots, the historical King George III was in fact English by birth and upbringing, and would not have had a German accent as depicted in the episode.

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