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King Richard III of England
Richard III
Nationality English
Occupation King of England
First appearance "The Foretelling"
Last appearance "The Foretelling"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Peter Cook

King Richard III of England was the King of England. He was at war with Henry Tudor who slandered Richard by professing him to be a murderous usurper.


The series' first episode, "The Foretelling", explains that King Richard III was actually a kind, benevolent ruler who doted on his nephews and that his popular image as a murderous usurper is based on lies spread by his rival, Henry Tudor. Richard wins the Battle of Bosworth Field, but he loses his horse. He is then killed by his great-nephew, Edmund while trying to appropriate Edmund's horse. Edmund does not recognize the King from behind and cuts his head off. The late King's nephew, Richard, Duke of York, Edmund's father, is then crowned as Richard IV. Edmund was haunted by the ghost of Richard, however, only Edmund was able to hear him.