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Lady Emma Hamilton
Nationality English
Occupation Lady
First appearance N/A
Last appearance N/A
Episode count 0
Played by N/A

Lady Emma Hamilton was an English Lady often mocked by Edmund Blackadder, Esq.

When Blackadder believes that he will be made a lord, he buys an expensive robe that turns out to be made from Lady Hamilton's cat. When Prince George asks him why he's dressed up like that, Blackadder responds that he's going to a costume party dressed as "Lady Hamilton's pussy!"

When hearing "No one ever made money out of good looks and charm", Blackadder responds, "You obviously haven't met Lady Hamilton, sir."

Blackadder once also claimed that Lord Nelson said "England knows Lady Hamilton is a virgin. Poke my eye out and cut off my arm if I'm wrong." at the Battle of the Nile.