Le Comte de Frou Frou
Le Comte de Frou Frou
Nationality French
Occupation Aristocracy
First appearance "Nob and Nobility"
Last appearance "Nob and Nobility"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Tim McInnerny

Le Comte de Frou Frou appeared in Blackadder the Third. He was presumably a foppish, disgruntled, homesick French aristocrat (played by Tim McInnerny). The character was forced to flee his home country for England, in order to escape the French Revolution. He was later revealed to be a disguise adopted by Prince George's friend Lord Topper, alias one half of the Scarlet Pimpernel. He is later killed when Blackadder tricks him into ingesting poison to prevent him revealing Blackadder's deceit.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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