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Lord Chiswick
Blackadder lord chiswick
Nationality English
Occupation Courtier to King Richard IV
First appearance "The Foretelling"
Last appearance "The Black Seal"
Episode count 6 Episodes
Played by Stephen Tate

Lord Chiswick was a fictional character in the first series of the British sitcom Blackadder. The character was played by Stephen Tate.

Lord Chiswick was a courtier to King Richard IV of England. His most significant function appeared to be keeping the King supplied with fresh horses, although he did occasionally curb his master's fiery temper.


  • While unconfirmed, it has been proposed that the character could be Prince Edward as an adult, who otherwise only briefly appears as a child in "The Foretelling". Chiswick is part of the character's title referring to a location in London and not his actual name, while he also also has the shaggy hair and beard that characterizes Richard.