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Lord Nelson
Lord Nelson
Nationality British
Occupation Admiral
First appearance Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Last appearance Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Philip Pope

Lord Nelson was often mentioned in Blackadder the Third. In the episode "Ink and Incapability", Mr. E. Blackadder, mocks Nelson's famous signal at the Battle of Trafalgar. He announces that Nelson used a similar signal at the Battle of the Nile: "England knows Lady Hamilton is a virgin. Poke my eye out and cut off my arm if I'm wrong." In "Duel and Duality", the Duke of Wellington mentions that he has stationed Nelson and his fleet in Alaska "In case 'Boney should try to trick us by coming via the North Pole". To which Blackadder (disguised as the Prince Regent) hastily suggests that Nelson be sent to Trafalgar instead.

Lord Nelson also appears in the Georgian segment of Blackadder's Christmas Carol at a party hosted by the Prince Regent. Passed out from too much alcohol, Nelson suddenly awakens and screams that he has gone blind. Then, however, Blackadder reveals to Nelson that he simply has his eyepatch covering the wrong eye. Relieved, Nelson returns to a drunken stupor.