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Lord Percy Percy
Blackadder s2 percy
Nationality English
Occupation Heir to the Duchy of Northumberland, Assistant to the Lord High Executioner
First appearance "Bells"
Last appearance "Chains"
Episode count 6 Episodes
Played by Tim McInnerny

Lord Percy Percy was Heir to the Duchy of Northumberland, and Assistant to the Lord High Executioner. He is notable as being the inventor of "Green".


Percy was extremely pompous, very snobbish and incredibly stupid, as well as being (among other things) temporarily the best man at Blackadder's wedding, assistant Lord High Executioner and a shipmate on Blackadder's ill-fated voyage to France (despite a pronounced aquaphobia stemming from a childhood incident where he was "savaged by a turbot"). At one point, while trying to master alchemy, Percy creates a green substance he imaginatively calls "Green" and attempts to turn it into something valuable. He is shown to have a terrible female record; whilst the occasional girlfriend is mentioned, he is more often seen using rather unconvincing chat-up lines on various females, and, at one point, Baldrick, who was wearing a wig and a dress whilst acting as a bridesmaid. Percy promptly fell in love with him, not recognizing Baldrick.

In the last episode, Chains, Percy along with Blackadder, Baldrick, Melchett, Queenie and Nursie were all murdered by Prince Ludwig the Indestructible.


He has no descendants after his death, so it is thought he was not married, he even said that he had a girl in "Potato" but it turns out Blackadder made Percy say "I even touched her once" meaning she probably did not like Percy in the way as he thought or she did not like him at all.

  • He may or may not be a distant ancestor of Captain Darling, due to the similarities in appearance between the two.
    • He also may be related to The Scarlet Pimpernel/Lord Topper, again due to the similarities of appearance. Although in the Pimpernell’s case he only plated up the act of ‘upper class twit’.
      • George also fulfills his role in terms of personality.