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Maid Marian
Maid Marian.jpg
First appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Last appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Kate Moss

Maid Marian (played by Kate Moss) is Robin Hood's partner in Blackadder: Back & Forth.

When Edmund goes back in time and asks Robin Hood a few questions about his thieving and methods, he is shot by his band of Merry Men. This is because they realise that Edmund is making a valid point. Everyone fires their arrows at Robin Hood and he ends up pinned to a tree. This is where Maid Marian then falls for Edmund but their romance is short lived as he is off on his adventures once again!


  • It is unknown if Queen Marian is a her descendant or the same woman, whom Blackadder simply brought to the present.