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Miranda Richardson
Miranda Richardson
Born 3 March 1958
First appearance "Bells"
Last appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Series Blackadder II
Blackadder the Third
Blackadder Goes Forth
Episode count 8 Episodes + 2 Specials

Miranda Jane Richardson (born 3 March 1958) is an English stage, film and television actor. She has been nominated for two Academy Awards, and has won two Golden Globes (with seven nominations) and a BAFTA (with seven nominations) during her career.

Roles in Blackadder[]

Blackadder II: Queen Elizabeth I

Blackadder the Third: Amy Hardwood

Blackadder Goes Forth: Nurse Mary

Blackadder's Christmas Carol: Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Asphyxia XIX

Blackadder: Back and Forth: Queen Elizabeth I and Lady Elizabeth

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