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Mr. Baldrick
Nationality British
Occupation Assistant
First appearance Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Last appearance Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Tony Robinson

Mr. Baldrick is Ebenezer Blackadder's assistant in his moustache shop. While still stupid, it seems that having to work for the exceedingly gullible Mr Blackadder has forced him to develop some of the savvy of his earlier ancestors. Unlike his previous (and later) ancestors, he has a simile of his own to match Blackadder's: "I just wish we weren't doing so well in the "bit-short-of-pressies-and-feeling-a-gullible-prat" ledger." He remains the only person to be fooled by Tiny Tom Scratchit's alleged lameness, however. He is also possibly the only person ever to spell "Christmas" without getting any of the letters right (he apparently renders the word as "Kwelfnuve" then "corrects" it to "Kweznuz").

On a more serious note, however, he is the only person in the special who actually appreciates Blackadder’s kindness and good nature, and holds genuine respect for him - before the latter changes his personality to that akin to his ancestors! Despite this, he is the only member of the Baldrick family to actually admire a member of the Blackadder family, rather than being merely subservient to one, as his ancestors were.