Mrs. Miggins
Nationality English
Occupation Coffee shop owner
First appearance "Dish and Dishonesty"
Last appearance "Duel and Duality"
Episode count 6 Episodes
Played by Helen Atkinson-Wood

Mrs. Miggins is the name of two characters in the Blackadder series; the first owns an oft-mentioned (but never seen) pie shop in Blackadder II and never appears on camera. The second is a recurring character who owns a coffee shop in Blackadder the Third. Mrs. Miggins plays a major role and appears in all episodes of the third series. She is an unintelligent, jolly middle-aged woman and a replacement for Nursie from the second series. She is a widow and has a crush on Blackadder, but in the final episode she ends up running off with his cousin, MacAdder. She often visits the palace to deliver groceries, although she never actually comes face to face with the Prince until the final episode, when the Prince is disguised as Blackadder.


In Blackadder the Third Mrs. Miggins appears onscreen. She now owns a coffee shop, selling (among other foodstuffs) a liquid Blackadder describes as “Brown grit in hot water”. In "Dish and Dishonesty" she is seen talking to Blackadder about the election and says she thinks it is unfair that she is not allowed to vote, to which he replies “Of course it’s not fair! And a damn good thing, too: Give the likes of Baldrick the vote, and we'll be back to cavorting Druids, death by stoning, and dung for dinner." In "Nob and Nobility", Blackadder and Baldrick go to her coffee shop to find a French aristocrat. They find Le Comte de Frou Frou who is in fact Lord Topper (Scarlet Pimpernel) in disguise. In "Sense and Senility", Blackadder and Baldrick go to her coffee shop to meet two actors. In "Ink and Incapability", Blackadder and Baldrick visit her coffee shop to see Dr. Samuel Johnson. When they get there, they not only find Johnson but three poets. The poets tell them they are dying, but Mrs. Miggins tells them not to worry, they’re not really dying - "...they are being... Intellectual". In "Amy and Amiability", she appears visiting the palace, devastated that Blackadder is leaving. She says she hoped they would get married and live together forever. In "Duel and Duality" she appears twice. She first appears visiting the palace and meets the Prince, disguised as Blackadder. She thinks it really is Blackadder, however, and then reminds him of rude poems her and Blackadder made up about the Prince Regent. She next appears when Blackadder visits her coffee shop to see his Scottish cousin MacAdder, who refuses to help him and confesses feelings for Mrs. Miggins. However, MacAdder insists that they do right by his wife, by having Mrs. Miggins duel Morag in the old highland manner: bare-breasted and each carrying a baby. Mrs. Miggins is excited, though MacAdder is sure that she would lose and told her that he looked forward to burying her. The pair depart to confront Morag.

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