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Nathaniel Whiteadder
First appearance "Beer"
Last appearance "Beer"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Daniel Thorndike

Lord Nathaniel Whiteadder is Lord Edmund Blackadder's Puritanical uncle. He is the son of Cardinal Blackadder and grandson of Prince Edmund. He is the founder of the Whiteadder family. His wife is Lady Whiteadder.


Together with his wife they are vegetarian and religious fanatics. He promised a vow of silence because they believe that silence is gold. He does not like chairs, porridge and many other things, because he believes that they are creations of Satan. The two, mostly Lady Whiteadder, are comically revealed to be very devout, dressing in white clothing with helmets crowned with crosses, and wearing four large crosses each. Both are exceedingly condescending. He comes to visit Edmund with his wife, they want to discuss with him any of his heritage. At that time he has, a beer feast with Lord Melchett, and therefore must dine with his aunt and uncle in one room and get drunk in the second. Eventually, they discover Blackadder's drinking party and leave (though not before Lord Whiteadder renounces his vow of silence and thanks Blackadder), only to run into the party in the main hall.