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Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown
Nurse Mary
Nationality German
Occupation German Spy & Nurse
First appearance "General Hospital"
Last appearance "General Hospital"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Miranda Richardson

Nurse Mary Fletcher-Brown, played by Miranda Richardson, appears in the Blackadder Goes Forth episode "General Hospital". Like Amy Hardwood in Blackadder the Third she has a "fluffy bunny act", (her bedside manner), but is really a highly intelligent cynic. Though Prince George was originally disgusted by Amy's stupid act, his descendant Lieutenant George thinks Nurse Mary is "an absolute peach," and appears to be regressing to the nursery under her care.

She had a brief fling with Captain Blackadder, but this time it was he who was leading her on, suspecting her of being a German spy and eventually exposing her (calling her "Nurse Fleischer-Baum") with three few supposed facts: first, she spoke German and helped George by translating the words of his letters into that language; second, she confirmed Blackadder's suspicions by "probing him expertly on tank movements"; third, she didn't spot that out of Oxford, Cambridge, and Hull, only two of those are great universities (to which General Melchett replied smugly "That's right. Oxford's a complete dump"). She was sent to be executed by firing squad.


  • In the script for the episode found in 'Blackadder The Whole Damn Dynasty', her name is listed as 'Nurse Mary Turnsouttobeaspyattheend'.