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Prince Edmund Plantagenet, Duke of Edinburgh (1461 - 1498)
Nationality English / Scottish (possible)
Occupation *Duke of Edinburgh (title later removed)
  • Laird of Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles (title also removed)
  • Lord Warden of the Royal Privies
  • Archbishop of Canterbury (titled removed after Episode Three)
  • King of England (for roughly 30 seconds)
First appearance "The Foretelling"
Last appearance "The Black Seal"
Episode count 6 Episodes
Played by Rowan Atkinson

Prince Edmund Plantagenet, Duke of Edinburgh, or The Black Adder was the main character in the first series and the first Blackadder shown in the series. He was the son (possibly step-son) of King Richard IV and, as a Prince of the Realm, was second in the line of succession to the Throne of England. He also served for a time as the Archbishop of Canterbury and, for only 30 seconds before his death, was the King of England after the whole of his family had been unintentionally poisoned by Percy, the Prince drinking from the same goblet and soon died, ending his reign before it could even begin. He was also the great-grandfather of Lord Edmund Blackadder.


Prince Edmund was born in 1461, about eighteen months after his elder brother, Prince Harry.

We first see Prince Edmund at a feast just before the Battle of Bosworth Field, where the King is making a speech. We also see Percy, Duke of Northumberland here, as Edmund turns to speak to him. The two are soon joined by an ex-dung heap employee Baldrick, Son of Robin the Dung Gatherer, who with a bit of flattery manages to win enough favor with Edmund to be chosen as his squire for the morning battle. At the Battle Edmund beheaded King Richard III when he came upon the King attempting to take his horse. This led to Edmund's father, then the Duke of York, ascending to the throne.

In 1486, he learned that his mother once had an affair with the father of MacAngus, which may have resulted in Edmund's birth. Even Gertrude doesn't seem entirely sure who his father was.

In 1485, at about the age of twenty-four, Edmund was slated to be married to the Spanish Infanta as part of his father's political machinations. But changes in the political climate led to his eventual marriage to the eight-year-old Princess Leia of Hungary.

In 1498, after being stripped of all of his titles except Lord Warden of the Royal Privies, Edmund orchestrated a coup by which he meant to overthrow the King and take the throne for himself. He formed The Black Seal, a band of the most evil men in the Kingdom. However, at the insistence of Edmund's nemesis, Philip of Burgundy, The Black Seal turns against Edmund and takes him prisoner. They strap him to a machine that will severely mutilate Edmund if not removed within a minute. At this time Baldrick comes up with a plan to save Edmund by poisoning some goblets of wine and then giving them to The Black Seal. Percy however makes an enormous mistake and poisons an entire vat of wine, instead of just a select few goblets. The plan to poison The Black Seal is still successful and they all drop dead just seconds after drinking it. They were however not fast enough to stop the machine from mutilating Edmund, as it rips through him and leaves him severely injured. Still viewing themselves as successful, Baldrick and Percy return to their quarters at another end of the castle while the members of the Royal Court stay with Edmund. The members of the court then decide to drink a toast to Edmund. Just before they do, Baldrick finds out that Percy poisoned an entire vat instead of just a few goblets, so they attempt to rush to the royals and tell them not to drink it. Unluckily for the Royal Court, Baldrick and Percy are too late and they all drink from the goblets. Seconds later everyone in the room except Edmund (who didn't drink out of any goblets) drops to the floor and dies from the poison. Via the line of succession, Edmund is now King Edmund III of England. In an act of stupidity, Edmund then lifts Harry's goblet and drinks from it to see if it was the wine that killed the others. Just seconds before Baldrick and Percy arrive, Edmund slumps over and dies. Presumably not long after his death, with virtually the entire Plantagenet line dead, Henry Tudor seized power as King Henry VII and wiped the reign of Richard IV and the story of Edmund Blackadder from history.

Since his wife was only 14 at the time of his death, he must have had an illegitimate relationship which led to his great-grandson, Lord Edmund Blackadder , and the rest of his descendants.

Alternative History (Blackadder Back and Forth)[]

In the show finale Blackadder: Back & Forth, Lord Edmund Blackadder V presumably returns to 1498 and allows the Royal Court to drink the poison, but stops Edmund from drinking it; therefore securing his reign as King of England. With this, the Blackadder line continues until Edmund Blackadder V is King of England and the family was finally successful in gaining absolute power.

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