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Prince Edmund
Nationality English
Occupation Duke of York
First appearance The Black Adder
Last appearance The Black Adder
Episode count 1 (Pilot)
Played by Rowan Atkinson

Prince Edmund was Duke of York and, as a Prince of the Realm, was second in the line to the Throne of England.


Prince Edmund was born in either August or September in the year 1527, about eighteen months after his elder brother, Prince Henry.

Behind the scenes[]

When Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis were developing the character of Edmund, they felt that he came too close to that of John Cleese's character Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers. They moved the character to the distant past in an effort to further decrease the similarities.

This version of Edmund Blackadder had a lot in common with the Blackadder seen in Blackadder II and onwards, with charm and wit, and even had some skill in swordplay.

But following the production of the pilot, the character was changed even more. This final version of Prince Edmund was more cowardly and less intelligent. But the basic personality of the original Prince would eventually rise again, in the form of Blackadder II's Lord Edmund Blackadder.