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Princess Leia
Nationality Hungarian
Occupation Princess of Hungary
Princess of England
First appearance "The Queen of Spain's Beard"
Last appearance "Witchsmeller Pursuivant"
Episode count 2 Episodes
Played by Natasha King

Princess Leia of Hungary was the wife of Prince Edmund Plantagenet, and a Princess of Hungary.


She was originally engaged with Edmund's brother Prince Harry - along with many other women. In 1492, following a series of political reversals that scuttered King Richard IV's plans to marry his second son Edmund to the Spanish Infanta, the King sought to form an alliance with Hungary by marrying Prince Edmund to the eight-year-old Leia, instead, as she was the only princess of Hungary present at the court. They were married soon afterwards.

Although she seemed unconcerned by Edmund's near burning-at-the-stake in 1495, there was no indication that the marriage did not last. She was not seen at Court when virtually all of England's nobility (including Edmund) was killed by poisoning, so it is assumed that she survived. If so, she was queen of England for the 30 seconds, that Edmund outlived his father and brother.

Unless he later divorced her, Leia presumably remained as Queen of England when Lord Blackadder and Baldrick travelled back in time and stopped Prince Edmund from drinking the poison, thus assuring the Blackadder dynasty stayed on the throne.


  • Her name is a reference to Star Wars character, Princess Leia.
  • Her extreme youth may have been a reference to Richard II's marriage to six-year-old Isabella of Valois, which was done for a political alliance between England and France, like her marriage to Edmund for England and Hungary.