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Simon Osborne
First appearance "Dish and Dishonesty"
Last appearance "Dish and Dishonesty"
Series Blackadder the Third
Episode count 1 Episode

Simon Osborne is a British Actor who has starred in a few minor television roles. Born in Cornwall in 1970, his first TV role was playing the lead in Thames TVs schools programme The Shadow Cage in 1981. In 1982, Simon had the lead in BBC TVs schools programme The Church and The Village.

Moving to London in 1982 to attend The Sylvia Young Theatre School, Simon appeared in Grange Hill from 1983 to 1986, mostly as a supporting artist but also as part of a gang named The Smokers.

After appearing as William Pitt the Younger in 1987, Simon went on to appear in Yorkshire TVs Christmas is Coming, 1987, and Rockliffe's Folly, 1988.

Since then, he has appeared on stage, and in independent films. He is still acting, as well as working as a performance historian offering talks in character relating to various historical subjects.

Note - please ignore what IMBD says. They have confused several Simon Osbornes and have credited the wrong one - a music producer - with appearing in Blackadder. The actor Simon Osborne is a different person.

In Blackadder the Third he played William Pitt, the Younger in the episode "Dish and Dishonesty".

The Shadow Cage, Thames TV, 1981

Thames TV, The Shadow Cage

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A recent picture of actor Simon Osborne

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