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Simon Patridge
Simon Partridge
Nationality English
Occupation Aristocrat
First appearance "Beer"
Last appearance "Beer"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Hugh Laurie

Simon Partridge, also known as Farters Parters and Mr. Ostrich, is a notorious constant drunk who appeared in the second series's episode, "Beer", where he was invited to Lord Edmund Blackadder's "piss-up" as a means of Blackadder proving to Lord Melchett that he could handle his alcohol.


Arriving the same evening as Blackadder was having dinner with his uncle, Lord Whiteadder and aunt Lady Whiteadder to discuss his inheritance, Partridge along with his two friends were first singing "Happy Birthday" to Blackadder despite Blackadder insisting it wasn't his birthday.

Blackadder led the group to Baldrick's room where they spent the rest of the evening, getting completely drunk during the "booze up" competition Blackadder had with Lord Melchett, the two men also having a 10,000 florin bet with one another.

However, upon Baldrick revealing that the "Incredibly Strong Ale" Blackadder had intended to consume was in fact water, a furious Partridge was heard growling in anger before he and the other members along with Melchett convinced Blackadder to drink some alcohol which left Blackadder completely drunk within forty-two seconds and cost him the bet with Melchett as well as any chance of an inheritance from his uncle and aunt.

Later to everyone else's disbelief, Queen Elizabeth I revealed herself to the two groups with everyone bowing as Partridge defiantly challenged her to prove she had an iron stomach before bowing down again as Elizabeth accepted the challenge, stating she was going to have a little drinkie and then execute the whole party.

The next morning, Partridge was seen in the dining room along with nearly everyone else, completely hungover, having forgotten the events of the night before while also listening to Blackadder singing about goblins.

Physical Appearance[]

Partridge is a man in his mid or late-twenties with long brown hair that hangs down to his ears and blue eyes.

He also has a moustache with a beard.

In addition, Partridge wears a green jacket with a white cuff or collar around his neck along with a white shirt underneath. He also has a hat with an unnamed picture and a star on it as well as a gold crown of some sort on the top of it. He also wears green trousers and presumably boots.

Like his comrades, he has a pair of comedy breasts around his neck and upon entering the house with his companions, was seen holding what looked like an ostrich feather duster.


Like all the others at the piss-up, Partridge was a brash and loud man, Percy even regarding him as "a fearful oik", and he loudly declared that just about every word spoken sounded either rude or like "bums".

However upon learning that Blackadder had not been drinking any alcohol whatsoever, Partridge was actually overheard growling in anger, suggesting that behind the loud personality lies a darker side of a man who may be willing to resort to physical violence upon learning that he's being lied to.


  • Simon Partridge is played by English actor Hugh Laurie who is best friends with Stephen Fry (Lord Melchett on "Blackadder II" and General Melchett on "Blackadder Goes Forth"), the two men also forming a comedy act known as "Fry and Laurie".
  • Laurie reappeared in the very next episode, the Blackadder II series finale episode, Chains as Prince Ludwig the Indestructible, an evil German prince who was said to have met Blackadder and the others numerous times, in various identities. It is unknown if Simon Partridge was one of Prince Ludwig's identities.
  • After Blackadder II ended, Laurie joined the series on a permanent basis, beginning with Blackadder the Third where he played Prince George, appearing in the remaining shows including "Blackadder Goes Forth" as Lieutenant George except for The Cavalier Years which he was absent from.