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Simon Patridge
Simon Partridge.jpg
Nationality English
Occupation Aristocrat
First appearance "Beer"
Last appearance "Beer"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Hugh Laurie

Simon Partridge, also known as Farters Parters and Mr. Ostrich, is a notorious drunk who appeared in the second series's episode, "Beer", where he was invited to Lord Edmund Blackadder's "piss-up" as a means of Blackadder proving to Lord Melchett that he could handle his alcohol.


Partridge is a perpetually drunken aristocrat nicknamed "Mr. Ostrich" who according to Lord Percy, Duke of Northumberland, is a fearful oik.

Partridge was also one of the guests involved to Blackadder's "piss-up" and got pretty drunk along with the others although they were unaware that Blackadder wasn't drinking.

After Blackadder was exposed as not having taken any alcohol, the others including Partridge forced Blackadder to drink some alcohol which left Blackadder so drunk that he sang a song about a goblin, much to the horror of his uncle Lord Whiteadder and aunt Lady Whiteadder.

Partridge later to everyone else's disbelief challenged Queen Elizabeth I to drink some beer which she did before vowing to execute the whole party.

The next morning, Partridge was seen in the dining room along with nearly everyone else, listening to Blackadder sing his song about goblins.


Like all the others at the piss-up, Partridge was loud and brash, and he loudly declared that just about every word spoken sounded either rude or like "bums".

However upon learning that Blackadder had not been drinking any alcohol whatsoever, Partridge was actually overheard growling in anger, suggesting that behind the loud personality lies a man who may be willing to resort to physical violence upon learning that he's being lied to.


  • Simon Partridge was played by Hugh Laurie who would later go on to join the series on a permanent basis, beginning with Blackadder the Third.
  • Hugh Laurie reappeared in the very next episode as Prince Ludwig the Indestructible, who was said to have met Blackadder and the others numerous times, in various identities. It is unknown if Simon Partridge was one of Prince Ludwig's identities.