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Sir Edmund Blackadder
Nationality English
Occupation Cavalier
First appearance The Cavalier Years
Last appearance The Cavalier Years
Episode count 1 Special
Played by Rowan Atkinson

In 1648, Sir Edmund Blackadder was one of two (the other being the English Civil War Baldrick) who remained faithful to King Charles I, risking certain death for their fidelity to the crown, according to him, he was hiding King Charles in "a blackcurrant bush". He was the fourth Blackadder shown in the series.


Sir Edmund Blackadder is a convincing liar like his ancestor Lord Edmund Blackadder as Baldrick said that he has known him to lie to the king (but said "no" when he was threatened with a knife), but all hopes of hiding King Charles were lost while he "answered the call of nature" when Oliver Cromwell visited his home and Baldrick told him that the purple cup was the king's (after he was successful in convincing Oliver Cromwell that the king is not hiding there).

Two weeks before the execution, Sir Edmund Blackadder visits King Charles disguised as a priest, who can enter without arousing suspicion, who tells him that he has arranged certain moneys to allow him to escape, but King Charles doesn't think that the jury will find him guilty... which it does. Sir Edmund Blackadder now complains that with in this one Civil War in the history of England, he is on the wrong side, where if he is suspected, he and Baldrick are "for the chop".

He later finds out that Baldrick is King Charles's executioner and after one threat to Baldrick's life, he listens to his "cunning plan" to save the king, involving a pumpkin with a drawn face with a wig balanced on his head. He takes over the job when he finds out it pays £1000 plus tip, he wears the executioner's outfit and after convincing King Charles to pay all his money, King Charles finds out that Sir Blackadder is the executioner who has come up with a plan to help him and his son escape to France, in desperation, he goes with Baldrick's "cunning plan", which just as Sir Blackadder predicted, when he said "This is the head of a traitor!", the crowd shouted back "No it's not! It's a huge pumpkin with a pathetic moustache drawn on it!", forcing him to chop his head off for real, after hiding King Charles's son, the Roundheads surround his house, but as he is not a man of honour, he removes his wig and beard to show blond hair and clean shaven face (speaking much like Prince Edmund, the Black Adder), so he is unrecognisiable to Oliver Cromwell and tells him to "Seize the Royalist Scum".