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Sir Walter Raleigh
Nationality English
Occupation Explorer
First appearance "Potato"
Last appearance "Potato"
Episode count 1 Episode
Played by Simon Jones

Sir Walter Raleigh is an English explorer who appears in Blackadder II.


In "Potato", all of London is captivated by the return of Sir Walter and his treasures from abroad. All of London, that is, except for Blackadder, who is unimpressed. Queenie is particularly taken with Sir Walter, showing overt sexual and matrimonial interest in him. Blackadder leaves soon thereafter, trying to outdo Sir Walter's reputation and gain favor with The Queen. However, during Blackadder's absence, Queenie begins to find Sir Walter boring and loses interest in explorers altogether. Sir Walter is reduced to serving as a target in the Queen's ring-toss game, and then finally the subject of execution for amusement (though he survives by begging for his life). Several characters note that he smells of fish.


Sir Walter is initially dashing, arrogant, and rude, claiming to not remember Blackadder at all, and despising such 'pasty land-lubbers.' His true colors show through when Queenie signs his death warrant. Sir Walter saves his life by sobbing.


He mentions he set sail in 1552, when this is when he was actually born in real life.