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Tim McInnerny
Born 18 September 1956
First appearance The Black Adder
Last appearance Blackadder: Back & Forth
Series The Black Adder
Blackadder II
Blackadder the Third
Blackadder Goes Forth
Episode count 19 Episodes + Pilot, 1 Special

Tim McInnerny (born 18 September 1956) is an English actor. He is known for his role as Percy in The Black Adder and Blackadder II, and as Captain Darling in Blackadder Goes Forth. While he did not appear in Blackadder the Third as a regular cast member, a guest appearance in the series made him the only person other than Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson to appear in all four series of the show; he subsequently appeared in the one-off special Blackadder: Back & Forth.


Tim McInnerny played Percy in The Black Adder, and then Lord Percy in Blackadder II. He only made a guest appearance in Blackadder the Third. He returned in Blackadder Goes Forth to play Captain Darling. He returned in Blackadder: Back & Forth.

Roles in Blackadder[]

The Black Adder -Percy, Duke of Northumberland

Blackadder II - Lord Percy Percy

Blackadder the Third - The Scarlet Pimpernel & Lord Topper

Blackadder Goes Forth - Captain Darling

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